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About Me

As a child, I loved to look at pictures. I always wanted to know how to capture beautiful images. I took up photography as a hobby, starting by taking a photo of a flower in a quiet pond. Soon after, I started taking pictures of landscapes with my newly acquired camera. I discovered that I loved being behind the camera. I spent hours shooting anything from flowers in numerous botanical gardens to cityscapes in Tennessee, Illinois, Arizona, the Carolinas, and everywhere in between. I enjoy and appreciate every portrait opportunity. Every client is unique and I am honored to have worked with each one of them. Photography is my passion, and today I enjoy shooting more than I did when I touched my first camera.

I am always researching new techniques and looking to expand my photography skills. I have also taken up videography and video editing as a possible venture in the future.

I have recently added a second shooter who is just as passionate about photography as I am. Together we make a great team and have a great deal to offer our clients.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my work and learn a little about me. Please feel free to contact me to discuss your next session.